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What Do Our Customers Say?

John H
John H
I recently had a Vchrgd charger installed, and I'm thrilled to recommend their services. + Outstanding customer service + Easy to use app + Looking sleek + Best price/quality on the market Huge thanks to Alex and the entire team! 👍
Kelly-Ann Hinder
Kelly-Ann Hinder
I had my EV charger fitted over 6 months ago but my car was delayed. Gone to use it for the first time and couldn’t remember what to do. I used the live chat out of hours. I was answered in seconds and they went through everything with me. Fab service! Highly recommend
Alistair Carr
Alistair Carr
Great and I do mean great customer service. Incredibly fast response, quickly diagnosed the issue and kept me updated until the issue was resolved. Can’t recommend them enough!!!
Mohamed Reza Dalal
Mohamed Reza Dalal
Excellent service from Installation to aftercare support. The Team are amazing and are always available to take your call and able to advise on any queries or questions - Thank you for a great service!
Robert Compton
Robert Compton
Spoke to Frazer today with an issue with my charger I am 76 years old and struggle with technology he was very patient and sorted outy problem in a professiona. Manor thank you frazer
Andrew Placentino
Andrew Placentino
Purchased this EV charger in March 23 and purposefully picked this unit as it’s a British Company. My reason behind buying British was the level and quality of support. I was 100% correct, my fist dealing with VCRGD was sorted within minutes using the charging app/chat. Brilliant customer service, support and highly recommend if you’re looking to buy a quality EV charger. Also be aware this unit is future proof and works with solar panels! WIN WIN
Kevin Crook
Kevin Crook
Had one of their systems fitted and am absolutly delighted on the ease of use, but most of all the aftersales and help you get from them when you need it, can't rate them high enough. Thanks Kev
Indy Grewal
Indy Grewal
Customer service has been outstanding from the initial enquiry and after the install. Leah has been amazing and so helpful all the way through. I’m so glad I went with VCHRGD. The unit has all the functionality you’d need, from connectivity to controlling access, smartphone app is great, the bonus x2 RFID cards are also included with the unit. I got a courtesy call the next from Leah to ensure everything was to my satisfaction, I had a query, that was answered swiftly by Alex from Technical within the hour. In my opinion, this product with the customer service and price, is the best on the market and is simply a “no brainier” to go for if your after a cutting edge EV charger and it looks slick too. Thanks VCHRGD.
John Holland
John Holland
I got a charge point installed and VCHRGD were the default recommendation from the installation Company. They said that they were helpful. That proved to be absolutely correct. As a new person to the world of EV I didn’t get the programming right first time. The on line help desk were extremely helpful. We set up the car, the Charger, and they could see all the settings on line. Problem resolved, and they even monitored the resolution and did a personal follow up. Now, that’s a very positive recommendation.
Trevor Blackburn
Trevor Blackburn
Although VCHRGD were unable to help with my project they provided me with a great deal of good advice and information. This was not requested by me and they need not have gone to the trouble, consequently I was most impressed. A touch of old fashioned service.

EV Home Charging Made Simple.

✅ Home Car Charger App
✅ Certified Installation Included
✅ 3 Year Warranty
✅ 7KW Charger
✅ Easy Survey & Install
✅ True Customer Service

We Help You With EV Home Charger Info & A Tailored Quote.

Discover the cost of your home charger easily, installation included.

Quick Easy Delivery & Certified Installation Anywhere In The United Kingdom.

✅ Smart App To Control Charger
✅ EV Home Charging, With Certified Local Install
✅ 3 Year warranty is included with your charger
✅ 7KW Charger that is robust and reliable
✅ 7 trees planted per charger produced
✅ Easy remote survey and install process
✅ Real service, verified excellent rating

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect and what is included?

After you fill in our form you will receive a remote survey via text message, this allows us to get some further details about your particular EV Charging situation.

Every installation is different, because every house is different. We ensure you get the most accurate quote this way and when your are happy with the details, a seemless delivery and installation process can be performed.

I'm new to EV Charging and know little to nothing about it, can you help?

Worry not! We are here to guide you through the process. We believe in outstanding customer service and providing people with EV charger information that is honest, realistic and accurate.

If you have any questions, don't hessitate to give us a call on 01494 370525 or go here to reach out. Our friendly managers and engineers are tasked with providing people information that counts, is clear and easy to understand.

Can't I just charge my EV from a socket?

You certainly have the option to do so (less powerful mobile chargers do exist) but it's not the most advisable approach. Using a standard wall socket for charging isn't as efficient as employing a dedicated electric vehicle charger.

It would significantly extend the time required to fully charge your car. Additionally, it's essential to factor in safety concerns. Our electric vehicle chargers are specifically designed to endure various weather conditions, ensuring you can charge your vehicle without any worries, even in inclement weather.

How do I prevent people using or stealing my car charger?

Every VCHRGD charger comes with a lock. Meaning that if you aren't home nobody will be able to charge or use your charger without your permission.

What's more is that if someone does steal your EV charger from your wall (rare but technically possible) our chargers lock and become completely worthless to any criminal.

Are electric car chargers compatible with any car brand?

Our electric car charger is indeed compatible with any electric vehicle! Whatever car brand you drive, VCHRGD will give you quick charging at an affordable smart rate.

How long does it take to fully charge my EV?

Generally speaking our charger will charge any car with in 6 hours (from 15-20% to 100%). Compared to the average 8 or 16+ hours it would take for a mobile car charger we are happy to deliver chargers that are powerful, quick and engineered with safety in mind.

Discover Home EV Charging Like Nothing Else

Our simple survey and EV charger installation approach keeps you informed along the way, and will have your home set up to charge your car within no time.

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